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Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose
I've been through the darkest of the hells....ive been the ugliest duckling...and yet ive grown into a beautiful woman....i am the rose that grew through the concrete

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So i don't know what made me do it but i did...

i let the orthodontist commit the ultimate crime...

i gave him permission to put spacers in between my teeth...

now i know i may sound a tad bit dramatic

truth be told i haven't ate in 4 days 0_o

im so hungry, actually im starving...

i have & rubberbands sqooshed in between 8 of my teeth...

i cant eat...i cant sleep && i have the flu...

this sucks && im sad

<---BTW this isnt my mouth just an image from google...BUT thats 2 spacers)

i have EIGHT!!! i get them removed in 3 DAYs! i cant wait to EAT!!!!